2nd Ashbourne Fundraising

Ashbourne Santa Float 2023

We are excited to be bringing Christmas excitment to Ashbourne, visiting our Young People as well as meeting young and old not in the movement with 2nd Ashbourne. This will give all in Ashbourne a chance to meet Santa as we start celebrating Christmas. 

We will be publishing our planned routes on Facebook and on our News page, so please follow us on Facebook by clicking on the image below to keep up to date with all of the up to date information!

Do You Want To Be One Of Santa's Helpers...

If you have any time to help Santa and his Elves, please contact us throught the form below, or send us a message on our Facebook page by clicking here!

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Join Our 100 Club!

A great way to support us whilst having a bit of fun!

Just £3 a month buys you membership to our monthly 100 Club draw

Every month we will randomly select two winners. First prize is 15% and second prize is 10% of the monthly membership income. 

The remaining proceeds go towards fundraising for maintenence and repairs of our Scout Hut! 

Be our next winner, find out how to join...

Step 1. Complete the form below to show us your interest!

Step 2. Set up a Standing Order for £3 per month, don't worry we will email you with all the information.

This buys you one membership number (that we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw. All participants must be over 16.

Any queries, please contact Paul Elliott at gsl.ashbournescouts@outlook.com.

Show us your interested, fill in the form below...

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The Rules!

Find out all about how we work our 100 Club, and how you can win without even thinking about it!

  •  For a cost of £3 per month (i.e. per draw) you will be allocated one number between 1 and 100.
  • You will be entered into the draw the month following your payment being received, i.e. if you join in February, your first draw will be March. 
  • A draw will be made every month with a 1st and 2nd prize.
  • The prizes will total 25% of the annual income.
  • This will be apportioned as: 1st prize of 15% and 2nd prize of 10% each month. Prize amounts may vary depending upon the exact number of members (may be lower than 100).
  • The 100 club is a Small Society Lottery open to all parents, carers, staff and friends of 2nd Ashbourne Scouts. Anyone aged 16 or over can join.
  • Payments must be made by standing order (preferably annually) or annual cheque. One month’s notice is required for cancellation.
  • Member’s numbers will only be entered if their subscription is up to date.
  • If a member has no valid reason for missing a payment, their number may be sold to someone on the reserve list.
  • Draw shall be made by the Treasurer on the last day of each month.
  • The winnings will be BACS transferred to the account on your membership application.
  • The name and numbers for each month’s winners will be posted on Facebook and our website.
  • The 100 club will be run by the fundraising committee. In case of any dispute the decision of the fundraising committee is final.
  • Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 100 club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  • If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into fundraising committee funds after six months.
  • If the 100 Club is oversubscribed a subsequent club or clubs will be established.
Promoting Society 2nd Ashbourne Scouts, Buxton Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1EX
Person responsible for this small society lottery: Paul Elliott
Licence number: LN/8538
Price of Ticket £3 per month in 6 or 12 month blocks up front
Date of Draw Last day of each month.
Version Number 1.0



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